Exell A220 504A Alkaline 15V Battery NEDA 220 LR154 10F15

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Exell A220 504A Alkaline 15V Battery NEDA 220 Eveready 504 Replacement

Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.

The A220/504A (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) battery is Alkaline and cylindrical. It is the perfect replacement for the hard to find Eveready 504. The original Eveready 504 is Carbon Zinc and a rounded-off square in cross section (Height: 34.9 mm, Length: 15.1 mm, Width: 15.9 mm). This Alkaline A220/504A battery is a fine replacement.

• Type: Alkaline
• Voltage: 15V
• Amperage: 60mAh
• Length: 34.9 mm
• Diameter: 15.1